Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management


SATIIM is a strong and vibrant indigenous organization that have given voice to the voiceless.
Bringing on the national stage the plight of the indigenous people.
Engaging in innovative environmental stewardship and setting the foundation for indigenous communities future economic prosperity rooted in their vision and aspirations.

Building the capacities and creating opportunities for indigenous people to engage in solving some of the chronic and intractable issues that are the causes of environmental degradation and poverty in their communities and the region.
It has not been an easy process, but our communities are fortified in the conviction that we as a community have an obligation to make our contribution to save the planet.

This has meant taking concrete actions in challenging government environmental and developmental policies in the region. Demanding good governance to ensure the deepening our democracy. Government fragmented economic development agenda for the region is not consistent with the need to address climate change and moreover totally disregard the aspiration of the Maya people.

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