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Humana People to People Belize (HUMANA) is a NGO registered under the laws of Belize.

HUMANA started its project implementation in July 2007 and is currently operating 4 projects in Toledo and Stann Creek Districts in Belize:

  • A community development project “Child Aid Toledo”,
  • A Farmers Club project “Building Adaptive Capacity and Resilience to Climate Change in Toledo, Southern Belize”,
  • A Human Rights project “Strengthen, Empower, Enforce Human Rights” and
  • A fundraising project “2nd hand clothes & shoes”.

The projects are spearheaded by Project Managers who together with their project staff works dedicated and with passion to reach the objectives and goals. HPP Belize provides permanent jobs for 41 employees.

Our approach:
Children, youth, women and men are active players in all our projects.
We work shoulder to shoulder with families, groups and communities. Together we create learning opportunities to inspire and strengthen knowledge, skills and capacity; enabling people to take a stand on the issues that affect their progress and well-being. In each community, we address a range of social, economic and environmental aspects that – one by one and as a whole – educate, empower and mobilize people to create lasting and grassroots changes that allows them to live in a healthy environment and to break free from poverty and dehumanizing conditions.

Our network:
HPP Belize is a one of the 31 members of the Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement.
The Federation is a network of organizations engaged in international solidarity, cooperation and development in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

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