Hand in Hand Ministries

hand in hand

Hand in Hand builds strong communities and transforms lives through cultural immersion, education, housing and healthcare.

Hand in Hand Ministries believes that all people deserve life’s essentials – food, water, clothing, shelter, education and medical care.
Although we consider ourselves faith-based, we do not proselytize, and we welcome all people of good will – believers and non-believers — who wish to join us in changing the world.

Our faith base is simple: we believe in a kind, loving God who created the universe, that we are made in His or Her image, and that we are called to reflect God’s love in the way we treat our brothers and sisters, the world in which we live and all the creatures who reside there.

Hand in Hand Ministries attempts to make its vision a reality by establishing its own programs to serve specific local needs determined in cooperation with the local population and forming partnerships with local organizations and individuals in that specific location.
We work where needed – but especially in Central America, the Caribbean and Appalachia.

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