Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage

belize coalition

The Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage is an alliance of many organizations that aims to protect our people and our rights to safeguard our natural heritage for the benefit of all Belizeans – present and future.
The Belize Coalition’s mission is to secure a ban on oil exploration in Belize’s offshore and protected area and to strengthen the legislative framework relating to oil activities and the oil industry. The Coalition -serves as a channel for the voice of the people through advocacy, education, research and actions, which promote the best interest of Belize and its people.

The Coalition first started with seven members and quickly grew to over 40 organizations countrywide. The steering committee of the Coalition consists of members from the Belize Institute of Environmental Law and Policy (BELPO), Belize Audubon Society, Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA), Oceana, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
The Coalition was officially launched on June 8, 2010, World Ocean’s Day, and has since been conducting educational presentations across the country to interested communities, organizations as well as participating in public forums and appearing on local media. The Coalition is promoting an educated Belizean populace, particularly on the reasons for not conducting oil exploration in sensitive ecological areas and the legal and policy deficiencies for which the Coalition will be making recommendations to support the Government of Belize in addressing these deficiencies.

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