Humana People to People Belize

Humana People to People Belize (HPP Belize) started its project implementation in July 2007 and is currently operating 2 projects in Toledo and Stann Creek Districts: A community development project “Child Aid Toledo” and a fundraising project “2nd hand clothes & shoes”.
The mission of HPP Belize is to improve the standard of living of the poorer members of Belize’s population through social assistance, education and welfare programs.
The vision of HPP Belize is to create development in the broadest sense, especially through the establishment and the implementation of projects that aim to transfer knowledge, skills and capacity to individuals and communities in need of assistance to come out of poverty and dehumanizing conditions.
HPP Belize works with the people as partners in finding solutions and in creating the necessary conditions to improve their living standards and to achieve their aspiration for a just and humanized life for themselves, their families and their communities.
HPP Belize is funded by international donors and through its own fundraising project.

Child Aid
The Child Aid project operates around two cornerstones of understanding. One cornerstone is the experience that when people come together to seek better solutions and options, they find them.
The other cornerstone is the experience that a holistic approach involving many simultaneous activities is needed to create lasting solutions.
Child Aid Toledo operates within 10 lines of activities.
These activities work to improve family income, create food security and nutrition, promote good health, spread awareness about HIV/ Aids, solve basic problems with water and sanitation, promote early childhood education, and organize tree planting and protection of the environment and train farmers in sustainable farming methods.

2nd hand clothes & shoes
HPP Belize implements a fundraising project via the import and sale of secondhand clothes.
Part of the funding for the Child Aid project comes from the surplus that is generated from the sale of these clothes.
HPP Belize currently has 4 retail shops and 1 wholesale.
Apart from creating funds the clothes project also has a positive environmental impact.

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