Cornerstone Foundation Belize

Cornerstone is a local organization founded in the town of San Ignacio, district of Cayo, Belize, Central America. Our story started on 18th July 1999 when we were registered as a nonprofit organization with the Solicitor General’s office and as a Non-Governmental Organization with the Ministry of Human Development.

Cornerstone is an organization started by women and run by women. Our concerns are for the whole community, and for every person regardless of their condition. Helping people learn where to find resources and how to improve daily situations and their lives is what we are about.

Cornerstone has worked with hundreds of organizations and individuals throughout the world to make a difference. We are proud of the work we have done and would like to thank the many people and organizations that have helped us to a common goal.

Our mission is to help people to help themselves, and to help organizations and social service offices meet their goals within our community.

To learn more about us visit our Facebook page on the link below.

To learn more about us visit our Website on the link below.

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