Belize National Youth Chess Foundation (BNYCF)

BNYCF unites the efforts of all the districts of Belize to bring benefits of chess to all the district and communities.

BNYCF strives to unite the efforts of all the district chess associations in as much as assisting in organizing, training, providing materials, equipment, literature and when needed, cash funding to ensure that all expenses directly involved with the development of chess in Belize, are met.

BNYCF assistance is also given to all district chess associations in the development, training and assisting in organizing tournaments and advanced training programs as well in assisting in organizing and funding for participating in international chess tournaments and activities.

BNYCF is the creator and management of the Annual National “Chess Olympiad” held in Belmopan in May of every year.

Our mission is to Build a Smarter Safer Society One move at a time!

For more information about us visit our Facebook page on the link below.

For more information about us visit our Website on the link below.

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